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Steve Snider, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

(954) 444-9136
Snider Marine Surveyors covers all of South Florida, The Florida Keys and The Bahamas.
Survey reports are sent out via email the next day.

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Welcome to Snider Marine Surveyors (a division of Snider Marine, Inc.).

When is a marine survey recommended?

All vessels should be inspected by a qualified marine surveyor every three years . The survey addresses the quality, safety, and long term effects of your investment.

All prospective yacht buyers, whether a first time owner or a seasoned pro should get a survey before purchasing a yacht. Both new and used yachts could have potential problems that professional marine surveyors have the skill and training to detect. A pre-purchase survey will help you determine if the yacht is right for you.

Many insurance companies require an insurance survey. The reports I provide contain all the information required by insurance companies to obtain or renew your insurance policy.

An appraisal inspection is invaluable to the seller to set the market value of a yacht you are selling. In addition, appraisals are also required by financial lenders when refinancing or obtaining a mortgage.

A damage survey is a comprehensive inspection of your yacht after a loss or damage. It is usually conducted for insurance purposes.

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