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Snider Marine Surveyors

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Steve Snider, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

(954) 444-9136
Snider Marine Surveyors covers all of South Florida, The Florida Keys and The Bahamas.
Survey reports are sent out via email the next day.

Insurance Survey

insurance Survey A re-insurance survey is usually requested periodically by your insurance company to allow them to determine if the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk. Fair market value of the vessel as well as replacement cost is determined. This survey, although performed to the same ABYC standards and USCG regulations of a pre-purchase survey, concentrates on the risk to the insurance company and is not a pre-purchase survey. A buyer should never accept a seller's insurance survey as a pre-purchase survey.

As a marine surveyor I cannot guarantee you will receive insurance on the vessel. I only report what I observe and the insurance underwriter makes the determination of issuance or renewal of a insurance policy. I can guarantee that as a SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyor) and a AMS (Accredited Marine Surveyor) in good standing that my survey will be accepted by all insurance and financial institutions.

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