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Snider Marine Surveyors

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Steve Snider, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

(954) 444-9136
Snider Marine Surveyors covers all of South Florida, The Florida Keys and The Bahamas.
Survey reports are sent out via email the next day.

How To Choose a Marine Surveyor

Anyone can title him or herself as a Marine Surveyor and start a business. Certain marine surveyors are permitted to use a designation denoting membership in accrediting organizations that require members to meet strict professional, technical and ethical standards.


AMS® is a designation issued by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® (SAMS®).
CMS is a designation issued by the National Association of Marine Surveyors® (NAMS®).

What does it mean to be "Certified" or "Accredited" as a marine surveyor?
  1. Accredited Marine Surveyor (SAMS®-AMS®) is an "Earned" credential from the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.
  2. Certified Marine Surveyor (NAMS®-CMS) is an "Earned" credential from the National Association of Marine Surveyors.
SAMS® and NAMS® are known in the marine industry as the only recognized and respected marine surveyor professional associations in the United States who hold their members to a strict code of professional ethics, and require continuing education credits to remain as a member in good standing. Both of these organizations require applicants to prove experience in the field of marine surveying, and to pass a very comprehensive test before they allow them to "Earn" Certification or Accreditation.


There are a few "Mail Order" schools and organizations who issue a "certificate" for a fee in an effort to give otherwise unqualified marine surveyors a "credential" that they typically use to try to that they are as qualified as those who have earned NAMS®-CMS or SAMS®-AMS®.

Don't be misinformed by a surveyor who is trying to claim a credential that they have not earned. Many individuals who could not meet the requirements to join NAMS or SAMS are out there advertising and claiming to be "Certified" or "Accredited", or using "CMS" or "AMS" behind their names. They may have even combined the initials to skirt registered or trademarked credentials. If they are not honest about their credentials and qualifications, how can you trust them to be ethical and honest about the condition and value of the yacht they are surveying? Insurance and financial firms for the most part require a SAMS® or NAMS® surveyor and your survey report may possibly be rejected due to the surveyor not meeting the SAMS® or NAMS® qualifications they require for insurance and loan consideration.

Before you accept a surveyor's credentials, check the website rosters of the two professional organizations, SAMS® and NAMS®.

Steve Snider-AMS® is a member of SAMS® and his credentials can be confirmed on the SAMS® website:


Steve Snider - Accredited Marine Surveyor - 2008
Snider Marine Surveyors, Inc.
328 North Ocean Boulevard, Suite 1105
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062 954-444-9136 -O, 954-444-9136 -Cell, 954-633-4918 -Fax Specialty:Yachts, Small Craft

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